PROCEMA SA is market leader in reinforced steel processing, cut-and-bent rebar, and pre-assembled elements in Romania. Boasting one of the largest processing capacities in Europe, we’re able to handle a range of projects, from conception to execution, regardless of their complexity, always tailoring our services to every client’s specific needs.

Thanks to our extensive logistical capabilities, we can deliver your personalised order to wherever your construction site might be located in Romania, no matter how large or small.

We have more than 55 years of experience in the industry, and our long-standing reputation is based on always staying on the cutting-edge of technological innovation. We pride ourselves on continually keeping abreast of changes in this fast-moving sector. The 4,500 projects we have been involved in, stand as permanent testimony to our performance and standards, ranging from residential projects to civil engineering works. They’re just part of more than 700,000 tonnes of reinforced steel that have passed through our factory in the last 15 years.

Our pursuit of efficiency and product development is a never-ending process, and keeping ahead of the game in this technology-driven industry is the principle on which PROCEMA is founded.


The history of our company began in 1949, with the foundation of a new research institute in Romania. This was a leading body in the science and practice of construction, publishing journals as well as developing hundreds of residential, commercial, and factory spaces. Today’s Procema came into existence when the institute was privatized in 1998.

The Procema-Comnord group built on this history of innovation, being the first player in the Romanian market to process reinforcing steel in a designated service centre, using a fully automated process, rather than on-site. This brought huge time and cost savings to the construction process.

Today, PROCEMA SA has the most advanced technology in Romania for the automated processing of reinforced steel, welded mesh, and pre-assembled structures. Conveniently located on the edge of Bucharest, we have easy access to the country’s main transportation corridors.

The numbers provide a snapshot of our leading position in the industry: annual total turnover exceeding €45m, a dedicated team of more than 140 employees, 26,000m² of industrial space, and the capacity to process 10,000 tonnes of steel every month.

Innovation, which allows us to keep our market-leading edge. Our commitment to continuous investment means that we’re always able to offer our clients the newest and highest-quality products and solutions.


We’re totally committed to respecting our promises when it comes to delivery times, always keeping in mind the demands of the project and the client.

Strengthening our internal and external networks. We’re dedicated to maintaining solid relationships with everyone in the supply chain, from supplier to consumer. Within the company, we also make use of a horizontal management system, meaning that we can always give fast feedback when you need it.

Improving efficiency, through continually analysing the productive capacity of our factories and making the

most of our available resources. This allows us to improve output and keep costs down. Our integrated transportation system also allows us to make big savings for our clients in terms of costs and delivery times.

We’re able to offer our expertise and consultation at every stage of your project, from technical assistance to delivery. Our competitive advantage in the market is based on our ability to always guarantee safe and speedy delivery in order to meet your tight deadlines.