Our entire production-line is fully automated, allowing for the electronic tagging of each order. This improves production control, speeds up execution, and ensures real-time updates on every order’s status, from placement and execution to on-site delivery.

We only work with carefully selected suppliers, capable of furnishing us with the high-quality materials we demand. Because of our long-term relationships with these industry players, we’re able to fulfil every order regardless of complexity and deliver in good time. Our close collaboration with these suppliers means we can promise total traceability of any order, from the moment it leaves the factory to its final on-site use. Our careful electronic monitoring of the production process allows us to follow the history of each construction element, the details of its manufacture, and its place in the order list. We respect all of the stringent norms and standards in place, regarding product quality, performance criteria and QMS (Quality Management Systems).


We produce and deliver 6-40mm cut-and-bent steel, and our automated production line allows us to produce the exact forms your project requires. Each bar mark is bundled and provided with an electronic tag which contains information to facilitate its quick and easy placement on-site. There are many advantages to having steel cut-and-bent in our factory, rather than on-site:

Speed of execution and delivery.
Our automated production process means that orders are ready faster, meaning significant time savings during critical stages of the construction process.

Reduced waste.
Our cut-optimization software automatically calculates the most efficient way of producing your order, minimizing unusable off-cuts.

Superior product quality.
All our steel conforms to the highest quality requirements in the industry and can be traced back to its original producer.

“Just-in-time” delivery.
Having your order arrived right on time eliminates the need for stock management and means that liquidity is no longer tied up in stock.

Less space required.
Eliminates the need for additional on-site storage space.

Less staff.
Reduces the number of on-site employees, allowing you to concentrate on other more pressing construction tasks.

Clear monitoring of steel use.
Our electronic order system means that you can keep track of exactly how much steel is being used at each stage of the project.

All our materials conform to quality standards SR 438-3/1998, SR 438-3/2012 and ST 009/2011. Here are the available rebar and processing specifications:


We produce standard mesh dimensions and can also fulfill custom orders, producing a variety of pitches, lengths and shapes. Our standard range comes in 2m x 6m / 2m x 5m / 100mm x 100mm pitch, available in 4-8mm diameter wire. The standard range is always in stock, and can be delivered in 3-5 days. For more information contact plase.sudate@procema.ro


Pre-fabricated reinforcing cages: We produce and deliver reinforced steel cages for slurry walls, beams, columns, pile-cages, and other elements. These can be delivered fully assembled, or pre-assembled in sections, meaning reduced on-site man-hours and increased precision, quality and efficiency. Our standard range consists of:

• Rectangular pre-assembled cages: These are hand welded and/or wire-tied by certified welders, working in conformity with the strictest standards in force. Available in 8-40mm longitudinal bars, variable stirrup pitch (stirrup diameter 6-25mm), and segments of up to 17m in length.

• Cylindrical pre-assembled cages: These are automatically welded in an inert-gas protected environment, at the highest quality standards required for civic infrastructure and hydro-technical construction projects. Available in 8 to 40mm bars with 6-16mm spirals and variable pitch. Segment size up to 15m, cage diameter from 200mm up to 1500mm.

• Non-standard pre-assembled cages are also available on demand. Please contact us for more details.


Procema is the sole supplier of FORTEC coupling systems in Romania. FORTEC is the only rebar splice that maintains the full ductility of the reinforcing. This parallel-threaded mechanical splicing system is designed for connecting concrete reinforcing bars of 12-40 mm diameter. FORTEC technology uses a patented cold-forging process, which enlarges the ends of the bars in order for them to be threaded. This allows for quick and easy bar-to-bar connection.

Designed and manufactured in compliance with Eurocode 2, BS 8110, DIN 1045, ACI 318, IBC, AASHTO, ASME Sec III Div 2.

• No reduction of the bar cross section area.

• Allows full ductile elongation of bars.

• Easy installation, no torque wrench required.

• One standard coupler for all splicing requirements (Standard/Position).

• Manufactured under strict quality assurance plan, ISO 9001 and ASME certified. Third party tested.

• Full traceability of material origin and production batch.

• Solves bar congestion problems.

• No staggering of spliced bars required.